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Label Letter

The Label Letter is the official newsletter of the Union Label and Service Trades Department, AFL-CIO.

Download the latest Label Letter. Past Label Letters are also available.

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Label Letter July/August 2015
In this issue: Standing Tall in Tough Times, AFT Keeps Collective Voice in Workplace…p. 1; Do Buy: State Parks…p 2; Walk in My Shoes: Lo-Go…p 3; NLRB Issues Complaint, Schedules Hearing on APWU ULP Charge against USPS…p 5; Leadership Changes Abound for U.S. Unions…p 6; Spotlight the Label: AFGE Sues OPM Over Data Breaches…p6
Hits: 68
Label Letter May/June 2015
In This Issue: NLRB Examining ‘Fair Share’ Fee ............1; Localized Disempowerment: The Movement To Implement Right-To-Work ‘Zones’ ........1; Walk In My Shoes: Joli Tokusato ...............2; American Labor Movement Donates Fasanella’s “Corner Butcher” to Smithsonian ......2; Do Buy: Outdoor Living .......3; AFL-CIO National Boycotts ...6
Hits: 72
Label Letter March/April 2015
Right-To-Work (for Less) . . . . . .1 Unions Open Negotiations with U.S. Postal Service . . . . . . .1 Walk In My Shoes: Lee Heise . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 Do Buy: Spring Cleaning . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 AFL-CIO National Boycotts . . . . .6 Thousands of Oil and Petroleum Workers Forced Out . . . . . . . . . .7
Hits: 127
Label Letter January/February 2015
In this issue… New NLRB Rules Expedite Elections, Ease Organizing for Unions…p. 1; Making it in America…p. 1; 2015 Union Made Vehicles…p. 2; Walk in my shoes Loris Hawkins UNITE HERE Local 26…p.3; Bank of Labor Announces Plans for DC Office…p. 5; USW Local 235A Members Locked Out at Sherwin Alumina…p.6; AFL-CIO National Boycott…p. 7; End Notes…p. 87
Hits: 116
Label Letter November/December 2014
Workers Issues Fare Well . . . . . .1 IBEW Local 351 . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 Happy New Year Do Buy . . . . . . .2 Walk in my shoes . . . . . . . . . . . .3 Spotlight the label . . . . . . . . . . .3 Denver’s Immigrant Taxi Drivers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 Consumer Reports Warns . . . . . .6 AFL-CIO Official Boycotts . . . . . .7
Hits: 128
Label Letter September/October 2014
Burger King Inversion…page 1; Do Buy Thanksgiving…page 2; Spotlight the label--GMP…page 3; What does Harris vs. Quinn mean for public employees…page 4; NLRB round up…page 5; Boycott list…page 7; End Notes…page 8
Hits: 141
Label Letter July/August 2014
In this issue: Make it in America plan will help workers access jobs and opportunity…page 1; Do Buy—Arts and Entertainment…page 2; USW keeps Dunlop Tire rolling along…page 3; Union apprenticeship—earn while you learn…page 5; Postal service cuts hours at 21 San Francisco post offices…page 6; Don't Buy—AFL-CIO official boycott list…page 7; End Notes—A Manufacturing renaissance…page 8
Hits: 137
Label Letter May/June 2014
Hits: 132
Label Letter March/April 2014
In This Issue: APWU: U.S. Mail is not for sale . . .1 Union membership grows in the South . . .1 Do buy: Memorial Day. . . .2 This bill ‘paid for by union wages’ . . .4 Safety gets a higher priority on union jobs . . .5 AFL-CIO National Boycotts. . .7
Hits: 181
Label Letter January/February 2014
In this issue: The secret life of a trade agreement; Do buy—Spring spruce up; Spotlight the label IBEW; Have you met ALICE?; Kellogg workers locked out in Memphis; AFL-CIO National Boycotts.
Hits: 121
Label Letter November/December 2013
In this issue… The perilous Supreme Court term ahead…page 1; Stop duct-taping our crumbling roads and bridges…page 1; Do buy union made vehicles&tires…page 2; Gorilla Glass, strong as steel…page 4; Raise the minimum wage…page 5; AFL-CIO National Boycotts…page 7; End notes…page 8.
Hits: 169
Label Letter September/October 2013
America's at its best when we say and shop union yes…page 1; Do Buy Fall Entertainment…page 2; AFL-CIO passed UL&STD resolution…page 5; Walk in my shoes--Patrick Benhene--Super Shuttle Driver…page 6; Don't Buy…page 7; End Notes…page 8
Hits: 112
Label Letter July/August 2013
New York investigation unmasks unsavory tactics in insurance industry . . . . . . . . . . 1 Do buy: school supplies . . . . . . . . 2 Walk in my shoes . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 USW Local 1343 ratify contract at Caterpillar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 World’s largest solar thermal power project built with union labor . . . . 5 UNITE HERE, Hyatt reach national agreement . . . . . . . . . . . 6 AFL-CIO National Boycott . . . . . . . 7
Hits: 148
Label Letter May/June 2013
Chained CPI: a bad idea; Do buy: Union-made wedding gifts; Walk in my shoes—Cory McCray, IBEW; Labor Board rules Cablevision actions illegal; Why unions matter more than ever; AFL-CIO National Boycott
Hits: 148
Label Letter March/ April 2013
Cutting Saturday mail delivery is a BIG mistake…page 1; More than 2 million jobs endangered Sequester budget cuts will have deep and lasting impact…page 1; DO BUY—these union-made pet products & services…page 2; Labor & business team up to encourage South Bay families to Ben Field, South Bay Labor Council ‘Earn ’n Spend in San Jose’…page 3; Women’s soccer star Alex Morgan seeks fair contract for all players…page 6; AFL-CIO Boycott List…page 7
Hits: 123
Label Letter January/ February 2013
In this issue…Largest banks still acting with impunity…page 1; Do buy: These union-made home appliances…page 2; How one local supports buying union…page 3; Politics in the states: Labor's biggest battles…page 4; IAM secures fourth IKEA organizing win…page 5; Rank & file government workers: Cannon fodder in the defecit war…page 6.
Hits: 228
Label Letter November/ December 2012
In this issue… AFL-CIO demands shop owner cease and desist 1; Do buy union-made vehicles 2; Walk in my shoes—Perry Weller, IAFF Local 3468 3; American manufacturing: A free fall or recovery? 4; Workers vote no for fourth time at American Crystal Sugar 6; NLRB issues mixed ruling in Palermo dispute 6; AFL-CIO National Boycott 7
Hits: 208
Label Letter September/ October 2012
Real story of US bank failures: More than 25% of US households can't afford bank services; BCTGM members reject Hostess Brands Inc. final offer; Do Buy--Holiday Celebrations; Walk in my shoes--Scott Larsen, Conductor/ Engineer Union Pacific Railroad; Spotlight the label: AWIU; From Olympic uniforms to US infrastructure voters believe in 'Buy America'; AFL-CIO Boycott; End Notes
Hits: 126
Label Letter July/ August 2012
LIBOR Scandal: Once Again Big Bankers Gone Wild…page 1; Stockton's Bankruptcy, Michigan Emergency Managers: Destroying Public Services and Collective Bargaining…page 1; Do Buy--Enjoy a Union-Made Labor Day……page 2; Machinists Strike at Caterpillar in Joliet…page 3; Walk In My Shoes--Joey Newman, Composer and Musician…page 3; Spotlight the Label: ALPA… Page 3; Wal-Mart At 50…page 6; Panera Bread Bakers in Michigan Vote to Join Bakery Workers…page 6; AFL-CIO Endorses Global Boycott of Hyatt Hotels…page 7; End Notes…page 8
Hits: 153
Label Letter May/ June 2012
Pennsylvania Manufacturer Resurging With Help From USW Local…page 1 Do Buy Union-Made Summertime Treats…page 2 Rx for American Economy From Connecticut Congressman Chris Murphy… page 3 Walk in My Shoes—IBEW Apprentice Paul Hahn… page 6 Republican NLRB Member Violated Ethics Standards… page 7
Hits: 137
Label Letter March/April 2012
UL&STD Debuts 'Living Union' page 1; California's Chinese Bridge page 1' Do Buy an All-Union Vacation page 2; State Legislatures Pummel Workers page 4; Walk in My Shoes page 5; Michigan Unions Set Renew America Expo page 7; Get Ready for Workers Memorial Day, April 28th page 7
Hits: 154
Label Letter January/ February 2012
Trumka Dissents on White House Jobs 1; Do Buy UAW-Made Cars, Trucks and 2; Inshoring: The New Normal? 3; How to Buy Union-Made 4; BCTGM Battles Hostess Brands 5; Living Union...Page 6; How Do You Show Your Label Pride? 7
Hits: 226
Label Letter November/December 2011
Taking Control of Our Financial Future…page 1; What You See When You Look for the Label…page 3; Let the Buyer Beware…page 3; Labels on Display…page 4 & 5; The Wisconsin Experience…page 6; Walk in My Shoes…page 6; Bastian Brothers: All Union Since 1895…page 6
Hits: 138
Label Letter September/October 2011
Congress Approves Free Trade 1; Do Buy Live Union 2; Congressional Votes on Trade 3; CWA Presses for AT&T 4; No Let Up for Beleaguered Postal 5; Make Sure You're Covered If a Labor Dispute 7.
Hits: 134
Label Letter July/August 2011
Deficit Obsession Leads to Deficient Solutions…page 1 Do Buy Union for Back-to-School Needs…page 2 Facts for Union Leaders…page 3 Local Activists Explore New Political Tacks…page 4 Court Orders New Day at Kentucky River…page 4 Justice Catches Up to Waikiki Hotel…page 7
Hits: 169
Label Letter May/June 2011
Edited Label Letter correcting an error in the Do Buy List
Hits: 212
Label Letter March/April 2011
Banksters Caught Mugging Muni Market…page 1; Bargain Prices on Union-Made Goods…page 2; Firefighters offer cash prizes to buy American shoppers…page 3; AFSCME Pres. Explodes Myths About Public Pensions…page 4; How Wall Street Holds Down Pay for Cops, Teachers, Firefighters…page 5; Costco Gives Union-Made Shelving a Tryout…page 6; When One Bank Cons Another…page 7
Hits: 207
Label Letter January/February 2011
Public Workers: Latest Target of Opportunity for Union Haters…page 1 Fill Your Shopping Cart With Union-Made Goods…page 2 Put U.S. Business to the Test: Get a 'Bring One Home' Pledge…Page 4 Ohio Sen. Prods for Trade Policies That Create Jobs…page 5 D.C.'s Madison Hotel Trashes Its Union Workers…Page 6 A Part-Time Postal Service? … page 7
Hits: 257
Label Letter November/December 2010
China Takes Aim at U.S. Aviation, Green Products Industries…Page 1 Do Buy UAW-Made Cars & Trucks…Page 2 Dear Santa, How About a Job for Dad?… Page 3 Union-Made Boots for Work, Play or Just Walking…Page 4 Jane Broendel: Shopping Tips for Union Members…Page 5 Sinclair Broadcasting Earns Spot on Boycott List…page 6
Hits: 226
Label Letter September/October 2010
Tips for Union Shoppers…page 2; Flags Made in the USA, It's About Time…page 3; USW Protests China's Dumping Green Goods…page 5; Five Hotels Added to Boycott List…page 6; Confronting China; Will We Blink?…page 8
Hits: 195
Label Letter July/August 2010
Hits: 161
Label Letter--May/ June 2010
No More Too Big to Fail? Do Buy: All Union Vacations. Auto Workers Help Car Makers $50,000 From IAM for Upkeep on Vietnam. Taylor Furniture—Green Before it Was Cool. Misclassification Cheats Workers. Win a Triton Boat from USA.
Hits: 156
Label Letter--March/April 2010
You Wouldn't Steal a Donut, So Why Would You Steal a Digital Record?; How's That 'Buy American' Thing Working Out on Wind Energy?; Gerard to RNC: Use U.S. Steel for Nuclear Plants; Letter Carriers, Postal Workers, Laborers Win Allies for Six-Day Delivery; Tucson’s Streetcars Union-Made in-the USA; Norman Lear Project Builds on Values of Citizenship; Relief for Haiti From U.S. Union Members; China’s Currency Policy Cost 2.4 Million U.S. Jobs; OBITUARY: UL&STD Board Member John J. Murphy; In Michigan, Allied Sues Firm Over Bogus Label; Minor League Umpires Choose OPEIU; End Notes: Intellectual Property Theft: No Bargain
Hits: 161
Label Letter--Jan-Feb. 2010
Hits: 212
Label Letter
Latest Edition of the Label Letter
Hits: 53
November/ December 2009
In This Issue: What Happens in China Affects New York. Do Buy: Previewing UL&STD Business-to-Union Listings. For Now, Clean Energy is Foreign Made. China-U.S. to Cooperate on R&D for Electric Cars. Put a Union Label On it. Don't Buy. A firefighter's Day.
Hits: 48
Sept./Oct. 2009
In this Issue: Centennial Convention Adopts New Agenda to Support Working Families. Convention Resolutions. Stella D'Oro Workers Stood Up for the Union Label. Toyota to US: 'We're Outta Here!'. Buy American Makes a Difference for Solar Industry. Hotel Housekeepers Push for Change. Walk in My Shoes.
Hits: 35
July-August 2009
In This Issue: Buy American, Fair Trade UL&STD 68th Convention Secrets of Wal-Mart's Cut-Rate Drugs Happy Birthday Mother Jones Stella D'Oro: Lesson in Toothless Labor Law Labor Dept. Retires Made-in-China Bags Walk in My Shoes
Hits: 29
May/June 2009
In This Issue: Bankruptcy Not the Last Step in Auto Recovery. Do Buy Chocolate…It's Cooler Thank You Think. All Union Curriculum Company for Adult Learning. Kaiser: Union Health Care Points Way for Reform. DOL Digs Out From Bush Legacy. Walk in My Shoes. Letter Carriers Food Collection Sets Record.
Hits: 20
March/ April 2009
In This Issue: UL&STD Convention, September 12, in Pittsburgh. Put a Label On It! Gettlefinger on Why American Cars Matter. While the Nation Burns Corporate America Fiddles. Obama, Biden on EFCA. Labor Applauds Key White House Nominees. Buy American—It's the Law.
Hits: 18
Jan./Feb. 2008
In This Issue: Ohio Dannon Workers Get Global Support. First Union-Industries Show Was a 1911 Movie. Elections Have Consequences. Where Does Apple Juice Come From. New FCC Rules Will Help Big Media Moguls. Airline Pilots Win Reprieve from Forced Retirement.
Hits: 18
Sept./Oct. 2008
In This Issue: McCain Spurns 'Buy American' Obama Embraces It. Holiday Do Buy. Comparing Party Platforms. What If We All Really Bought American? Memphis Solar Plant Serves Hot National Market. COOL is Now the Law for Unprepared Food.
Hits: 14
May/June 2008
In This Issue: After 70 Years the Curtain Falls. America@Work 2008. 2008 Union-Industries Show Exhibitors. Union Label Conference. 2008 Labor-Management Award.
Hits: 24
March/ April 2008
In This Issue: Make Plans Now to See the Greatest Show on Earth. Boeing Challenges Pentagon on Air Force Tanker Deal. FAA Audit Finds Wide Spread Deficiencies at Supplier Plants. USW Calls for Reform at Green Jobs Conference. USA Offers "Escape to the Wild" IUOE Agreement at NY Ends Adams Mark Boycott.
Hits: 11
November-December 2007
In This Issue: Women of Steel Fight Toxic Toys. BCTGM Products for the Holidays. UL&STD Prepares for 2008 Show in Detroit. Lawmakers Call for Reform of CPSC. Books by and for Union Members.
Hits: 13
Sept./Oct. 2007
In This Issue: Shoddy Imports Raise Consumer Fears. Do Buy Union-Made Tires. Wal-Mart & China, a Joint Venture. King Louie Works to Reverse a Trend. VA Cheats Vets.
Hits: 25
July/ August 2007
In This Issue: America@Work 2007. Union-Made Cars, Trucks and SUVs. Sincere Thanks to Our Exhibitor Party Sponsors.
Hits: 11
Special Insert--Show Scenes--July/ August 2007
Show Scenes from the America@Work 2007 Union Industries Show.
Hits: 16
March/ April 2007
In This Issue: EFCA Sponsor Describes Its Purpose. Cincinnati Show Will 'Dazzle and Amaze' Putting the Brakes on Fast Track. Harly York Plant Back to Work. Colorado Flip-Flop. Helmets to Hardhats in Illinois.
Hits: 4
January/ February 2007
In This Issue: Wanted: Jobs. Newspaper Unions Buffeted. UAW Pres Says Don't Count U.S. Autos Out. Showtime in Cincinnati. Buying Union: Easier Than You Think.
Hits: 6
November-December 2006
In This Issue: Who Made It and Where a Primer on Labels. Buy Union Week Nov. 24-Dec. 3 Cincinnati Show Moves Ahead. IAFF Teams With Cycle Designer. Actress Roseanne Barr Aids in Minimum Wage Battle.
Hits: 10
Sept./Oct. 2006
In This Issue: 2007 America@Work comes to Cincinnati. ULSTD makes some changes. Was controller shortage a factor in Comair crash? Economy heads wrong way for working families. Wal-Mart's banking scheme hits delay.
Hits: 10
July/ August 2006
In This Issue: White House dodges labor's charges against China. Michigan activists mount 'Save the Label' effort. Wal-Mart's foreign ventures flounder. Bush gets 'F' from AFT. U.S. Labor Dept., right-wing's playground.
Hits: 7
Special Insert--Show Scenes--July/ August 2006
Scenes from the 2006 Union Industries Show.
Hits: 17
Label Letter--May/June 2006
In This Issue: America@Work 2006. Do Buy from companies participating in the show. Songwriter Charlie King pens new lyrics for label anthem. King Louie returns. Maytag's last hurrah.
Hits: 14
March/ April 2006
In This Issue: This land is their land. Do Buy from Show Exhibitors. Union hunters find a friend in Pennsylvania. Worker Memorial Day. Former ULSTD Sect-Treas Jack Mara remembered.
Hits: 15
Label Letter--January/ February 2006
In This Issue: It's big; it's unique and it's coming to Cleveland. China holds key to U.S. future. "Hey, Dude, where's my pension?" Bush is "0-2" on China. Made in Mexico Uniforms.
Hits: 37

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